Welcome to Socially Conscious Social Studies

Socially Conscious Social Studies strives to inspire awareness and a deeper understanding of the ways in which "race" functions in human society. Through lecture, discussion and scholarly collaboration our aim is to impart a critical lens through which to view American society. 
  • Are you interested in adding a "race" component to your social studies, humanities, or creative writing course that will engage students as well as satisfy many academic standards in social studies? 
  • Does your organization desire a deeper and more diverse understanding of race relations in America? 
  • Would you like to add an engaging lecture to your professional development workshops and seminars for teachers and administrators who serve communities of color? 

SC Social Studies currently offers three engaging lecture/workshops designed for high school scholars and professional development. 

Examining social and institutional racism can help our understanding of the widening opportunity gap in education, employment and housing in the United States. Our scholarly discussions explore; the age of enlightenment where we find the cultivation of the very philosophy of race and its link to the emergence of 20th Century "Race Science"; the shadowy Urban Crisis which grew out of the post-WWII economic boom, rapid suburbanization in Northern cities, and de facto segregation in the 1950s and 60s; and an ideological "War on Drugs" which since its declaration on June 17th, 1971 has revealed certain American's as enemy combatants, and in doing so, has created the largest prison industrial complex in any first world nation.  

Lead lecturer and workshop facilitator, Alisha Volante, will work closely with your organization to ensure a dynamic experience for all participants. 

"Street Cred" and "Suite Cred"

  Alisha Volante is the Lead lecturer and creator of  Socially Conscious Social Studies. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota in the History department. She studies Public History, US Modern, Race and Race Relations, and the Urban Crisis in Minneapolis.  She has  worked with the  Minnesota Historical Society on  educational  programing for  high school  students, and the  Minnesota  Humanities Center  on  professional development courses for  primary  and  secondary  school teachers on the subjects of  African-American history, race relations, and the  urban environment. Alisha Volante received her B.A. in History from the University of Minnesota.  
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